My Dream Of Exploring East and West Coast | Iva Tokusheva's Story:

Iva was a member of ASSIST's Class of 2021. She is really into traveling and exploring new things. She went on vacation to New York City and all the way to California. And she even tried out successfully for the softball team at her school, which eventually placed 1st in the State Tournament. It is my pleasure to introduce to you Iva Tokusheva:

"I have been dreaming for this my whole life", says Iva. And I can hear her!

#Short Profile:

Home Country: Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Exchange Program: ASSIST Program 🇺🇸

School during exchange year: Friends School of Baltimore, Maryland, USA 🇺🇸

Favorite food I explored abroad: Mac & Cheese🧀

Favorite school activity: Interviewing random people for my podcasts 🎙

Favorite person from my exchange year: Ellie Knight, my host sister👩‍❤️‍👩

My dream College/Major: Undecided


International love! Iva had was a member of a diverse and welcoming community.

Why did you decide to apply for an exchange year?

- My curiosity and desire to explore and see the world, to compare different perspectives and make my dream come true.

How did your parents react to your bold decision?

- They were happy that I follow my dreams.

In this picture the hero of this adventure is having lunch with her lovely host family.

Tell me a funny moment of your adventure abroad!

- When my host sister and I were surfing in the Pacific Ocean and I fell so badly because I thought I saw a shark.

What is one particular thing that impressed you the most?

- There were so many innovative and interesting subjects to choose.

Has anybody ever played softball in Bulgaria? Well, Iva had not until going to the States. However, she became an IAAM Softball Champion with her team... and her incredible coach!

What was the coolest new thing you tried or experienced abroad?

- Visiting New York and Los Angeles.

One advice about overcoming homesickness!

- Chat with your new friends, family or teachers.

California is often regarded as "the European dream". An amazing moment of joy and love!

Who was your favorite teacher? Try to describe them, using 3 words!

- That was my History Teacher, Eleni Lampadarios. She is very empathetic, kind and curious.

What was your hardest moment during your exchange year and how you dealt with it?

- So much homework!

On the beach in Califonia with her host family. "I love these babies", adds Iva.

How does your exchange year reflect on your choice to continue your academic career in college?

- I definitely want to continue my education in the USA!

Give to future applicants and their parents one reason why kids should apply for an exchange year!

- Growth!

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