Guide to How to Become a Student of The Month | Alex Terziev's whirlwind adventure

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Alex proudly represented Bulgaria, as he was selected as a "Student of the Month" at Christ School

If you all go to check Christ School's social media in NC, you all can easily find out who was one of the most proactive and involved members of their community. I am honored to introduce you to Alexander Terziev from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria:

#Short Profile:

Home Country: Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Exchange Program: ASSIST Program 🇺🇸

School during exchange year: Christ School, North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸

Favorite food I explored abroad: School cafeteria had some awesome food on its own, but other than that - Chick-fil-A 🍗

Favorite school activity: Kayaking/Outdoor Program 🛶

Favorite person from my exchange year: Collectively - my teachers. 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

My dream College/Major: Mechanical engineering ⚙️


Why did you decide to apply for an exchange year?

- Well, I wanted to put myself out there so much that I would never have to wonder if I'll be okay wherever I am. (that worked) Moreover, another reason was our superficial idea of the USA, and I wanted to see it for myself.

#advice: That's a great approach, Alex! Did you all notice his very first thought? "TO PUT MYSELF OUT THERE"! Remember - that's what an exchange year is all about - risk, sacrifice, and pushing yourself beyond your limits. 💪

Walks in North Carolina's nature were an inseperable part of Alex's schedule; in this pictureна he is together with the member of the Outdoor Program at his school

How did your parents react to your bold decision?

- They completely encouraged me.

Tell me a funny moment of your adventure abroad!

- Once a kid came to me and said: "Dude, are you the guy that does the Borat impression?". I had no idea what or who Borat was... I found out later and had a good laugh. #LOL😂

What is one particular thing that impressed you the most?

- Teachers were not trying to sabotage you, and actually saw your success as their own success. ✅

Weekend is not only time for some rest, but for some teambuilding too; in this picture Alex is doing walk, organized by his school, together with his American classmates

What was the coolest new thing you tried or experienced abroad?

- Whitewater kayaking and rafting!

#FYI: From all the pictures Alex has showed me, HE IS A MASTER in kayaking!🛶

One advice about overcoming homesickness!

-Just do cool things and you'll forget! 😎

Who was your favorite teacher? Try to describe them, using 3 words!

- All faculty was favorite, but let's say the most impressive one was Mr. LT (I prefer not to use his full name). He was realistic to the bones, he wanted to run away from the US and live in a small hut in South America, and on top of that he was an ex-air-force pilot, which is awesome enough on its own. I guess he didn't fit the "American" stereotype (which I never grew to be a fan of) at all, and that made him very impressive to me.

What was your hardest moment during your exchange year and how you dealt with it?

- Leaving!

It seems like Alex and I were on the same boat!😕

Picture of Alex having lunch with his advisor; at Christ School, Wednesdays are time for strengthening the relationship between teachers and students; therefore, right after chapel they go to visit local restaurants (this activity is completely funded by the school)

How does your exchange year reflect on your choice to continue your academic career in college?

- Going back to Bulgaria, I was more determined to stay home than ever. Later that faded away, but I still would not go further than Western Europe for higher education. After coming back, I connected with my family and motherland more than ever, and I do not think I am letting it go any soon. The choice to leave Bulgaria to do my bachelors is solely strategical. I do not see myself cutting ties with Bulgaria anytime soon.

Give to future applicants and their parents one reason why kids should apply for an exchange year!

- The moment you realize that you can both hang up on your mom, but also she can decide not to pick up the phone when you do need her, is the moment your brain starts working differently. This is the perfect way to realize that along with freedom sometimes come loneliness/solitude. This realization affects everyone differently. Go find out what you'll get from it!

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