From ACS to Tennessee | The story of Nicole Delcheva

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Here is our first story that will give you a great example of an exciting exchange year! It is my pleasure to present to you my friend Nicole Delcheva:

Nicole (on the left) has a message to the future exchange students. "What excites and scares you at the same time? Go do that."

Home Country: Bulgaria🇧🇬

Exchange Program: ASSIST Program🇺🇸

School during exchange year: Webb School, Bell Buckle🇺🇸

Favorite food I explored abroad: Nachos🌮

Favorite school activity: Mock Trial🏃‍♀️

Favorite person from my exchange year: Daniela Sheigner 👩

My dream College/Major: Neuroscience/International affairs 🧬-🌍


Nicole (the first girl on the left) joined the ASSIST Program as a member of the Class of 2020

Why did I decide to apply for an exchange year?

-I was curious about the school system in the USA, and I wanted to meet new people from diverse countries.

How did your parents react to your bold decision?

-They were supportive, but a little worried!

This is a very important question both for students and parents. Guys, remember - some parents may be worried in the beginning. As my mum told my host family once: "I am sending a part of my heart across the ocean." But they also keep in mind the fact that you all are going to a better place - to a safe community and a prestigious school, where you are going to enrich your knowledge of the world and... become a better person after all!

#photo: Nicole witnessed the miracles of Tennessee's nature 🥶

Tell me a funny moment of your adventure abroad!

-We went on a hike during freezing temperatures and had lots of fun.

What is one particular thing that impressed you the most?

-Honor code!

#NEW: Wait, what? What in the world is "honor code"? I asked myself exactly the same thing on my first day of school. Here is how Stanford University defines it:
"The honor code is a statement addressing issues such as cheating, stealing, and misrepresentation, made by a school or other institution in which its participants pledge to adhere to. Honor codes are self-regulating because under an honor code, students are required to turn in other students in violation of the code."

Here are some particular examples of violation of the honor code: unpermitted collaboration, plagiarism, revising and resubmitting a quiz or exam for regrading, etc. But we are going to talk a little more in another article!

#photo: Who doesn't like marshmallows? Just take a block of chocolate, put the melted marshmallow, and get a crispy cookie on the top! 🍪

What was the coolest new thing you tried or experienced abroad?

-Lacrosse! 🥍 (Nicole and I have the exact same answer on this question; lacrosse is not quite popular in other continents, but its pace, strategy, and team spirit this game creates will make you adore this sport)

One advice about overcoming homesickness!

-Being fully immersed in the new place.

Who was your favorite teacher? Try to describe them, using 3 words!

-Mr. Jones - erudite, funny, and kind.

Nicole was a great ambassador of Bulgaria in Tennessee; man, she has definitely gotten to listen to some good country music 🪕

How does your exchange year reflect on your choice to continue your academic career in college?

-It helped me feel more confident about myself and my choices.

Give to future applicants and their parents one reason why kids should apply for an exchange year!

-It is an experience like no other!

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