ASSIST Program | How To Apply & Why To Study Abroad For A Year

"ASSIST creates life-changing opportunities for outstanding international scholars to learn from and contribute to the finest American independent secondary schools" - this is the mission statement of the program. Connecting academically strong and talented students with the top independent American schools was the initial idea, when the ASSIST Program was established back in 1969. All ASSIST scholars are ambassadors of their country in the USA, and this gives them the unique opportunity to create a significant impact culturally in the member-schools and to forge many friendships during this year abroad:


The applications for 2022/2023 will be opened soon! 🔜

Balkan Countries Participating In The Program & ASSIST's Partners By Country:

Bulgaria 🇧🇬 (Bulgarian Reading Association)

Croatia 🇭🇷

Serbia 🇷🇸 (T & T School of English)

Turkey 🇹🇷 (LMK Consulting)

If you would like to directly contact the coordinators in your country, click HERE to find out.


🌍 #Who can apply to the ASSIST Program🇺🇸?

- Students in high school, usually in 9th or 10th grade, who are academically strong and have a good command of English

- Students, who have dreamt of studying and exploring the United States and have motivation to excel in some of the best American high schools

- Students who determined to develop themselves not only in the classroom, but also in arts, sports, and other interests and extracurricular activities

🌍#Why to choose the ASSIST Program🇺🇸?

- 90 American Independent schools, some of the best private schools not only in the USA, but in the world too; according to ASSIST's website, for 2016/2017 academic year, the member schools have invested scholarships totaling U.S. $5.8 million in our students

- An opportunity for full scholarship that covers it all: tuition, room and board at a private boarding school, or tuition and housing with an American volunteer host family at a day school

- Commitment to a two-year experience - the first year spent abroad and the second going back home to show what you have learned

- Security: 24/7 support from the program's great staff; a careful selection of school that matches your interests and talents as well as a careful placement in a lovely host family (who have passed a background checked by the program); constant support and communication between the ASSIST's team, parents, and host families.

- After being successfully accepted and having received a generous scholarship by the program, students are only expected to cover a fee of $5,250 USD that includes airfare costs, health insurance, and money for personal expenses. BUT DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT - generous donors offer sponsorship for students coming from more modest households, which will significantly reduce the fee.

🌍#What are the application steps?

✅ Application Form(currently opened):

- in your online application form, you are expected to provide personal and biographical information. You also have the chance to attach some photos of you doing your favorite activities or pictures with your friends and family.

- the next component of your application are the short essay answers. This is what ASSIST says on their brochure: "The committee is interested in family relationships, interests and activities, and a clarification of the desire to be part of the ASSIST program – what the candidates will bring to it, gain from it, and share after it." You are expected to write independently your essays in English. Be honest! Be yourself! And always ask yourself, "What does the committee need to know about me?"

- three recommendations - you should ask in advance your English Teacher, your Mathematics teachers, as well as your counselor(in most Balkan schools, there is no equivalent of this position; you can ask your Head Principal or the School's Advisor). On ASSIST's website, you can find the address, to which you have to send the physical documents, or you can also check with your home country coordinator.

- your school transcripts - you can ask your Counselor (Head Principal) to provide it for you in an envelope. It should also be sealed by the school.

✅ Interview & English Proficiency Test

- if you are selected for the final round, you are going to receive an invitation from your home country to attend an interview and an English Proficiency Test.

*Interview - you are going to be interviewed by members of the ASSIST's board of directors. They are all great people, and you will have an awesome chance to impress them and also prove how motivated, talented, and ready you are to study in a prestigious school in the United States.

✅ Final Selection

- you are going to receive an email over the next 6 weeks. You will be informed if you won a full or partial scholarship, got waitlisted, or were rejected. If you successfully qualified for a scholarship, you are going to regularly receive emails from ASSIST and to communicate both with your home country coordinator and the ASSIST's staff.

🌍#How to manage my time during application season?

🍁September - October: Applications are opened (depending on country) ❄️December: Submission of the Online Application (again, depending on country, usually the first week of December) ☃️January: Interviews with selected candidates. ☀️March: Notification if you have been selected.

🌍#We fully support kids from small communities in the Balkans! Therefore, here are the links to all Balkan coordinators' web pages:

🇧🇬Bulgarian Reading Association -

🇷🇸T&T School of English -

🇹🇷LMK Consulting -

🇭🇷Mrs. Karla Golja Milevoj - contact


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